Talent on Demand

We introduced the producer-driven model to the independent art and animation marketplace, and now we have experienced artists, animators and producers standing ready to bring your original creative vision to life!

Innovative Pricing

With our flat rate unlimited pricing, you can plan your budget and schedule in advance, and have access to our entire team of creative professionals. All projects include unlimited commissions and unlimited revisions. No surprises. Plus your original works are delivered with documented rights attached.

Industry Experience

Our production team has worked with some of the most valuable franchises in show business. Cold Beverage has delivered more than 1500 projects to clients all over the world ranging from animated television to PC games to comics to officially licensed merchandise. We know how to not only make your project appealing, we know how to make it marketable as well.

original comic illustrations

Our Story Began in Comics

Our studio was founded by a comic artist and a fantasy author. We rapidly grew to dozens of talented illustrators, animators and colorists and formed the largest English-language webcomic network in the world with 115 titles and more than 70,000 readers a day. Our flagship title LadyStar: Jessica Hoshi and the Ajan Warriors had an audience of more than 160,000 readers and 1.2 million page views.

The LadyStar™ comics went on to become one of our all-time top-selling book series.

mobile game development

Games: We Were There

Remember Flash? WinG? Interactive Fiction? When Super Mario Bros was ported to PC? (It was) When some of the biggest web sites on Earth hosted nothing but dress-up games? How about Voodoo graphics? DOS Extenders? We were there. We've developed games for PC, Gameboy, Android, Mac, home consoles and everything in between. Why, we've even done a couple of card and tabletop titles.

Cold Beverage Studios has developed or co-developed more than 40 commercial interactive titles that have been played by millions of fans around the world and have generated more than five million dollars in retail sales for our clients.

original character designs

Put a Little Character in your Project

When it comes to original character design, our art team stands alone. More than a thousand original characters fill our portfolio, including our one of a kind Featured Creatures™ and the creations of science fiction and fantasy author Shane Lochlann Black appearing in the Starships at War, Ironjammers and Kings and Conquests novel series.

If you're looking for a way to add some personality to your creative vision, our artists have the talent to make it happen.